Paint Shop

We currently have 3 heated downdraft Spraybake paintbooths which are a necessity to ensure factory quality refinishing. Along with our booths, our paint department uses the latest modern techniques which allow for accurate color matching. We use the the Glasurit BASF paint system, that combines durable high quality products with computerized equipment to ensure long lasting results that restore vehicle to preloss condition.

We have over 15,000 color chips on site that work along with a computerized spectrometer to acheive the closest match possible in the shortest time. All of our painters have attended a three day training course to ensure correct application of BASF Glasurit paint products.

We also use BASF's handheld spectro-photometer. When placed on an area of the car finish to be matched, SmartScan reads the light wavelengths of the color on the car; then, working with computers, it gives us a fomula which will produce precisely that same color.
  • More accurae color matches
  • Precise color chip accuracy
The bottom line is our paint job is beyond your imagination!. Let us take care of your invenstment and we will bring back to life.

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